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We are dedicated to preparing next generation for challenges of tomorrow

Tesla Doctrine cultural project is inspired by Nikola Tesla’s holistic approach to human existence. It was founded with the aim of sharing expertise and transformative experiences across the globe. We believe, as Tesla did, that not only the social, but the moral and spiritual aspects of human existence are the driving force behind positive change in people’s lives.

Tesla Doctrine is a place for us to learn, take action and spread ideas together, following the direction of change that Tesla has laid down.

Many years ago Nikola Tesla has warned us about the possible collapse of our civilization due to very fast technological progress and the vulnerability of human spirit. He left behind his brilliant visions of a truly sustainable society.

Tesla Doctrine is a set of scientifically established thoughts and ideas which Nikola Tesla has left in his numerous letters, interviews, articles and lectures. These correlated ideas highlight his extraordinary awareness of the destiny of humankind and the trends of our civilization.

The problems, which he considered and the solutions which he announced, were not systematically arranged during his life. Tesla died at the age of 87, leaving behind more than 200.000 documents. After Tesla’s death, researchers were left with the possibility of continuing his work, guided by knowledge and the voice of his conscience.

True sustainability, as Tesla has seen it, involves simultaneously addressing social, moral and spiritual problems of mankind, through education and by changing habits, a modern man cultivates compassion and gains the ability to help others.

Creating a new culture model


“We must all have some ideal which will govern our behavior and satisfy us, but it is not material. It can be religion, art, science, whatever, it is only important that it acts as a non-material force.”

By changing the way we think and by making exercise on a personal level, we are creating a manifesto for the new culture.

The 21st century is the century of the global connectivity. On the other hand, we are becoming disconnected from our own true selves. Disconnected from an energy source that has unlimited power. Even though technology has helped the humanity in many ways, it has also created a substantial amount of noise that shuts down conscious approach to our existence.

“Looking into the distant future I see a community very much like that of bees with all racial and national distinctions extinguished with one language, with one sex, the male, virtually eliminated and every individual working furiously to the limit of its power…It is a horrible world to contemplate, heartless and cold without ideals, one from which the hardest human being of the present day would shrink”

Tesla became aware of this trend long ago: “Most persons are so absorbed in the contemplation of the outside world that they are wholly oblivious to what is passing on within themselves”

In constant search of validation, we often forget to take care of ourselves in a meaningful way, let alone our environment.

Everyone wishes to fulfill the highest, truest expression of themselves as a human being, but along that way, system of values often becomes severely compromised. This is leading humanity further away from the original intent to aid the positive progress.

Tesla’s vision of a sustainable society indicates the necessity of a new way of thinking and adopting new habits. At the beginning of 20th century Nikola Tesla’s main concern was to solve the existential issues of the increasing population – the problem of increasing human energy.

Today, we are facing the issue of channeling that same tremendous energy. And the way we approach to various issues in life is highly dependent on the culture we live in.

Although the term culture has a myriad of definitions, they all cover three key aspects of human existence: Basic assumptions about human existence, Values and Visual, external aspect.

Values, based on beliefs, and manifested through habits, are the core pillars. Tesla has pointed out that solving Moral, Social and Spiritual issues is a path to a truly sustainable society.

“We are living in an age of unprecedented technical achievement leading to a more and more complete mastery of the forces of nature and annihilation of time and space. But this development, while contributing to our comfort, convenience and safety of existence, is not leading into the direction of true culture and enlightenment. On the contrary, it is destructive for ideals…

The real cause for the decline of nations is the inability of mankind to solve social, moral and spiritual problems. As long as the struggle for existence is such that only the fittest can survive, a healthy development is under the sway of individualism. When reaction sets in the individual are eliminated, original effort and initiative suppressed and the creative faculties impaired, the race gradually lapses into savagery and perishes. The similar end threatens our present civilization.”

— Tesla, N. Personal interview (n.d.).


The official Nikola Tesla Research Center online database.

The Nikola Tesla Database encompasses 400 valuable pieces of Tesla’s original documents from the Archives of the Nikola Tesla Museum in Belgrade, where the entire Tesla’s legacy is being preserved. Both his brilliant work pieces and his visions of society and life in general can be found within our Database, making it valuable for everyone wishing to broaden their horizons.

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